Professional Grade Cement


Professional Grade Cement is a quality assured cement that comes conveniently packed in weatherproof, tear-resistant, plastic bags – can be used in concretes, mortars, renders and screeds. It contains cement performance-enhancing additives to give lower water demand, virtually eliminated separation of water, cement and aggregate to reduce bleed, a homogenous, more cohesive mix and increased resistance of hardened concrete/mortar to freeze/thaw attack.

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It should not be mixed with additives or other cement types and is essential that it is correctly specified and used.

Strength will develop beyond the initial set time stated and has been assessed at 28 days. Setting and curing times will vary depending on water content used and ambient weather conditions. To assist the curing process, it is important that all cement-based materials are protected after placement, to avoid moisture loss, freezing and effects of hot and cold weather conditions.

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Weight 25 kg

25kg Bag


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