Terms and Conditions of Sale

We hope you enjoy many years of use with your new patio, below is some information that should be noted.

All sizes are nominal.
Characteristics of Concrete Paving Products – Our decorative concrete paving
products are designed to be used in domestic situations and subsequently are
often in the open and subject to weathering and general wear and tear from use.
Slight colour and shade variations can occur in concrete paving slabs replicating
the natural variations you would see in real stone. Variation between batches can
occur and it is therefore recommended that before laying commences, slabs are
drawn from the packs and mixed to suit. Colours can change and weather over
time, the way in which this happens is dependent upon the surrounding conditions.
Strong sunlight, shade and naturally occurring variations in the aggregates used
can all alter this. This is not detrimental in the use of the slabs in any way and will
generally enhance the appearance as it creates a natural finish. As with natural
stone, small brown patches may appear. This is due to iron oxidation occurring
due to iron present in the quarried aggregate used to manufacture, again this is
not detrimental to the slabs and these marks will weather down with time. These
reactions will not have a detrimental effect on the long-term performance of the
paving but the following are some particular issues to be aware of:
Cast products – Cast products due to their very nature and production methods
may have 2-5mm laitance on the back. It is advised to remove prior to laying.
Failure to remove may cause bonding issues. In warm weather wetting the rear of
the slab can aid bonding. We strongly recommend that a slurry primer (should as
Projoint porcelain primer) should be applied to the underside of all paving prior to
laying to improve adhesion. Cream coloured cast paving should be laid using white cement.
Dimensions – All sizes stated are nominal and may be subject to change. Slight
variations in thickness may occur and Minster Paving Ltd therefore recommends
that slabs are always laid on a full mortar bed. Small fissures may occur on larger
individual slabs as a result of shrinkage. This does not necessarily affect the longterm performance of the product.
Dusting – In pigmented products with high pigment content, some colour transfer
may be apparent. Should this be an inconvenience, then a proprietary dust proofer
may be considered.
Differential Weathering – Differential weathering can cause patchy dark
discolourations on the surface of individual units. This will generally diminish over
time and will not affect long term performance. This is due to differential weathering
where the surface of the paving has cured at different rates. All decorative products
will weather and change appearance over time.
Efflorescence – Efflorescence can appear on all concrete paving and precast
products, as a white/grey deposit or both of which seem to disappear when
wet only to reappear as the surface dries. In general, the UK weather conditions
promote its creation over the winter and spring and then it becomes more apparent
as these areas come back into frequent use. It is formed by a chemical reaction
between water and naturally occurring salts within the makeup of cement which is
used in the creation of concrete products and mortar which they are often bedded
on. This reaction creates calcium hydroxide on the surface which combines with
carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to form calcium carbonate crystals. Although
there are cleaners available on the market the best advice is to allow the salts to
“exhaust” and allow efflorescence to weather naturally. Please note that should
there be any other defects other than the above mentioned naturally occurring
ones, Minster Paving Ltd should be notified before the paving slabs have been
laid. Once the paving slabs have been laid Minster Paving Ltd cannot accept
responsibility for any defects or the above mentioned conditions.
Cleaning – We do not recommend the use of a jet/pressure washer. Washing
your patio with a brush should be adequate but should you wish to use a
cleaning product, use only ones that are recommend for patios and follow the
manufacturer’s instructions. DO not use de-icing slats on your patio, this can affect
the surface appearance. Weed killers/insect repellents etc with an acid or alkali
based content can affect the colour and surface of the slabs, again we recommend
that these are not used on your patio.
During Transit – The paving will be carefully stacked, banded and shrink wrapped
but it is inevitable that the paving may rub each against causing scuff marks, these
marks are not permanent or detrimental in the use of the slabs in any way and will
wash/rub off with time.
Delivery – All our goods are palletised in a professional manner and we will strive
to ensure that you receive them in good condition. It is essential that extreme care
is taken when unpacking goods as goods can become unstable and can cause
injury. We will not be held responsible for any injuries caused due to mishandling
of products. Goods are delivered on the understanding that they will be crane offloaded directly off the side of the lorry onto the kerbside. If the customer directs the
lorry off the public highway, then the customer will become solely responsible for
any resulting damage to the property or the vehicle. Goods are delivered on a large
18 tonne crane lorry.
Shortages / Damages and Breakages – You must notify us of any items that
are damaged or of incorrect quantity within 5 days of delivery. For damages and
breakages please take lots of quality photo in context as you are unpacking the
pallet and e-mail them to info@minsterpaving.co.uk. On notification within this
timescale, we will endeavour to resolve your issue. No claims can be made after
this period.
Pallets – Pallets with a headboard (not flat pallets or crates) are the property of
Minster Paving. Please return them to our yard or call when they are available,
and we will collect when we are in the area. We reserve the right to charge for
headboard pallets that are not returned or made available for collection within six
weeks for delivery. We do not collect pallets outside of Oxfordshire where delivery
has been made by a courier, please reuse, or recycle.
• For deliveries outside of Oxfordshire, we usually use external courier companies
for our deliveries, this will be done with your knowledge at the point of order.
• External companies will also require your telephone number and delivery
address, they will stipulate that the delivery is done under their own terms and
conditions of business and usually require a signature as proof of delivery.
• These deliveries are normally kerbside only and most delivery drivers will off load
using tail lifts and manual pallet trucks. The ground on which the pallet is to be
off loaded needs to be of solid standing and reasonably level.
• If any delivery issues arise due to failure to you informing us of the possible
problems, then you the customer will be liable for any return delivery charges
• Please check your order is correct and delivered in good condition before
signing and accepting the delivery. No claim for compensation can be made
once the delivery note has been signed “received in good condition”.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: please note that if we are delivering your goods via
a courier then you must read the “deliveries for couriers” attachment as any
restrictions to access will occur delays in deliveries and redelivery charges.
Please notify us ASAP if you think access for deliveries will be an issue as we
cannot be held responsible for non-deliveries due to this.
Liability – Liability in respect of any statements, conditions, warranties and
representations made on behalf of Minster Paving Ltd is limited in accordance with
the terms set out in the Standard Conditions of sale. Whilst every effort is made
to give sound advice, Minster Paving Ltd cannot accept responsibility or liability in
respect of products being used for any purpose other than those for which they
were intended. Due to continuous development, products may be subject to
change without notice. Customers should check information is up to date. Due to
limitations in photography and on screen images there may be slight in differences
in the colours as shown on website. Samples are available to purchase.
Your Rights to Cancel When Buying Off or On the Premises – Should you wish to
cancel, you must do so within 14 days. Your right to cancel will expire after 14
Once you have notified us you are cancelling your contract, and whilst goods are
on your property during the cancellation arrangements:
• Every effort must be made by yourselves to ensure goods are treated with care.
• Any returned goods are to be repackaged in a similar manner as you received
• All costs incurred for return deliveries are to be paid by yourself the customer .
• We will assess the goods once returned and in a fair manner decide upon
condition we receive the goods and refund accordingly. If goods are damaged
then we reserve the right to withhold a proportion of the original costs.
• Orders cancelled will be subject to a 25% handling charge that will be deducted
from the amount credited to you.
• Multi buy offers / discount goods cannot be exchanged or refunded in part.
• All special orders that are non-stock items must be paid for in full prior to
ordering and may incur a delay in delivery if this hasn’t happened, and are
subject to a non-refund or return policy.
• Proof of purchase always necessary.