Flamingo Pebbles


Also referred to as Pastel Pink decorative garden pebbles, these best-selling Flamingo Pebbles consist of a beautiful array of colours that include light peach coloured pebbles, as well as some light grey colours and whites. These decorative stones look great within any garden or landscape that is wanting a pop of colour.

Varying in the region of 20-50mm, you’ll need approximately three handy bags to cover 1m² at a depth of 50mm.



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Originating from Spain, this multi-coloured stone is made of the premium material that is marble. These stones are recycled and tumbled to ensure they are shiny and smooth. Due to their marble nature, the stones are known to sparkle and glint in the light.

You’ll need approximately three handy bags to cover 1m² at a depth of 50mm, these stones vary in size between the region of 20 mm and 50 mm. Please also note that they are not fish-friendly.

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