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Minster Spotlight: Cotswold Stone

Bathing your garden in a warm, golden, luminous glow, Cotswold stone remains an ever-popular choice amongst avid gardeners. Offering timeless beauty, as well as notable durability, it can dramatically change the appearance of your garden. But what is Cotswold stone and from where does it originate? and how can you incorporate its ageless charm into your garden space?

What is Cotswold Stone?

From the south of Stratford-upon-Avon to the southern limits of Bath, the Cotswold region is an area of outstanding beauty and home to Cotswold stone. Formed during the Jurassic period, this oolitic honey or golden limestone is rich in marine fossils and forms a strong, workable rock that is found right across this area of wonder and beauty.

Different shades of gold

Cotswold stone is famous for its honey or golden glow, but did you know the colour of the stone varies depending where it was quarried? For example, stone found in the northern area of the region is a rich, warm, honey colour. Moving towards the centre of the Cotswold area, the stone becomes more golden, and by the time you reach Bath in the south, it’s a creamy-white colour with grey hues.

Using cotswold stone in your garden

Cotswold stone is a wonderful material to use in your garden. With many different uses, it’s easy to incorporate this eternal stone into your garden’s plan and design. This could include your patio or your garden wall, a water feature or an eloquent set of stepping stones, the choice is yours.

A wonderful paving material

An ever-popular choice of material for paving slabs, Cotswold stone can add an old-time elegance to your garden area. An incredibly versatile style of paving slab, it can easily be incorporated into a wide range of different laying patterns. Often available in a variety of different sizes and with a simple, straight, clean edge, you can easily achieve your dream design. Colour choice is also available, ranging from buff golden hues to light slate tones – there is definitely lots of variety and options.

Creating the perfect, stylish patio area

With such choice and versatility, it’s no surprise that Cotswold Stone is a fantastic material for your patio. Whether it’s circles or features or even squaring off kits you desire, Cotswold Stone can easily be incorporated into any part of your patio, helping you create the perfect look for your garden.

Adding magic and interest to your garden

But options don’t stop there. If you fancy adding a bit of otherworldly magic to your garden design, you could always use Cotswold slabs to create a wonderful winding path in your garden area. Or perhaps you would prefer a more eye-catching area of interest around your conservatory? In which case, you could use octagon slabs to create a charming and illuminating feature.

Adding that final touch

Perhaps you have almost created your perfect garden, spending many hours, pounds and even dreams to create a space that’s almost complete. If you’re looking to add a final touch to your garden, Cotswold stone can be used in a number of ingenious ways. You could add some beautiful stepping stones for the garden to help create a feeling of class or drama.

Alternatively, you may be looking to finalise your garden project to form an immaculate and complete finished space, in which case Cotswold edging is an excellent choice. Durable and attractive, it works wonderfully to keep your garden in shape and can be used to finish off patios, driveways, flowerbeds and even lawns.

Transform your garden

Adding a natural warmth on even the coldest and darkest of winter days, Cotswold stone really transforms your garden. A high quality and durable material, it’s also incredibly flexible, allowing you to create and design the garden of your dreams.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Cotswold stone, contact us today at Minster Paving. We specialise in Cotswold stone, offering a full range of product choices and colours. Get in touch today by calling 01865 300252 or contact us online.

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