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Locally Sourced Stone Matching The Garden to Your Surroundings

locally sourced stone

Locally sourced stone is a always a beautiful addition to any garden. Here’s our advice for matching your garden to the local stone.

Landscaping is becoming extremely popular for homeowners nationwide, and as a result the garden is becoming so much more than a bit of land attached to a house. It’s the chance for you to make something beautiful and get your creative juices flowing.

For a garden that blends in with its surroundings, it’s a good idea to research into your local environment. What makes your property unique? It could be the era of the build or the local greenery. You can also use locally sourced materials to create the garden of your dreams.

Here are a few tips for matching your garden to your surroundings and creating a natural landscape.

Complementing historic buildings

If you’re lucky enough to own a home that’s rich in history and design, it can seem almost criminal to deviate away from the natural elements of the property itself. Townhouses with sash windows and rectangular accents work well with a subtle and linear garden. This can be interpreted how you wish, keeping it formal or taking an elegant modern approach. Old Edwardian buildings look charming when draped in lush, overgrown plants. Keep your lawn trimmed and lined with accents of purple and yellow traditional English flowers.

Minster Tip: It’s not just the greenery that can represent the age of your home, but also the furniture and other features you choose. Invest in paving that complements the colouring and tone of your house. Match this with stone furniture, plant pots, and water features.

Traditional character for modern properties

Modern properties tend to lack architectural character. This can work in your favour when it comes to garden design. It gives you more room for a unique vision and is a blank canvas to work from. You can either use the building as a backdrop for a more elaborate landscape design or match the simplicity of the architecture to the garden.

Minster Tip: Create sleek lines with your plants and flowers. Buy modern furniture with a basic colour palette, giving an air of sophistication.

Designing from the inside out

The flow of the inside of your property is an important element when attempting to create a cohesive environment. This concept can also be taken outside into the garden. Why not match your vision with the exterior surroundings? Creating a garden that matches your overall design of the property will give a strong sense of consistency and style.

Minster Tip: Pick out colours you’ve used indoors for soft furnishings and plant flowers with similar hues. If you’ve got a minimalistic neutral backdrop inside, you can do the same outdoors. Seek out furniture in creams and whites with black and dark wood accents.

Locally sourced stone in the Cotswolds

At Minster Paving we use a wide range of local materials in order to create our patios and bring gardens to life. One of our most popular locally sourced stones is Cotswold stone.

Cotswold stone possesses a distinctive warmth and colouration that many natural stones lack. Generally golden in colour, the exact shade of the stone depends on precisely which part of the Cotswolds it was quarried from – perfect for creating a patio or garden space unique to your particular area.

Minster Tip: We can use Cotswold stone across a variety of our products, so whether you’re looking for a new patio, simple stepping stones, or a warm kitchen flooring renovation, we can supply and install the highest quality Cotswold stone.

It can sometimes be tempting to jump head first into buying mismatched garden furniture or expensive exotic flowers. If you don’t plan ahead, the design of your garden could suffer. Create a garden you love while blending in with the current surroundings.

For more information and inspiration on creating the garden of your dreams, call us at Minster Paving on 01865 300252 or contact us online.

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