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How To Prepare Your Garden For Summer

how to prepare your garden for the summer

We spend more time outside during the summer than any other time of the year. What better way to enjoy gorgeous sunshine and gentle breezes than by relaxing in your garden?

With a little care, attention, and forward planning, you can make the most of the coming season. To help, we’ve put together the following tips to ensure your outdoor space is in tip-top condition.

1. Remove debris

The first step towards getting your garden ready for summer is to remove any dead leaves, twigs and weeds that have accumulated there.
Leaves and other small pieces of plant material can easily be removed by raking the ground.

If there are just a small number of weeds, you could spend a productive afternoon digging them up with a trowel. Make sure you remove each weed in its entirety so that you don’t risk leaving any roots behind – otherwise the weeds will soon be springing up again.

Removing stubborn weeds

For extreme weed infestations, consider buying herbicide (commonly known as weed killer). Avoid spraying it on blustery days, as the wind may carry it to other plants Another tip is to cover plants you want to keep with protective plastic sheeting, which can be removed once the weed killer dries.

If you’re eager to avoid using harsh chemicals, an effective alternative is to apply white vinegar to the weeds’ leaves.

2. Apply fertiliser

Nourish garden soil with manure and fertiliser, as this will help to ensure that flowers and shrubs are looking their best by summertime.

If your lawn looks patchy, sow grass seed. You could also plant fruit trees and summer flower bulbs.

3. Tidy borders

When you want to create well-defined borders for your flowerbeds, lawn or paved area, high-quality edgings are ideal.

Edging not only makes an attractive addition to your outdoor area but also helps to keep it neat and tidy. With a variety of plain and detailed styles available, you’re sure to find one that reflects your tastes.

3. Plan ornamentation

Beautiful ornaments such as statues, sundials, and urns add elegance and personality to your garden. You can use them to draw attention to the areas of your garden of which you’re most proud.

They also make excellent talking points when you’re entertaining guests during garden parties. Garden ornaments are a sign of a well-loved, sophisticated outdoor space.

Moreover, bird baths are a great way to attract wildlife to your garden. Feathered visitors will appreciate having somewhere to drink and cool off during the summer!

4. Refurbish garden furniture

Whether you want to dine al fresco or simply relax outside with a novel, garden furniture is a summer essential.

If you already have a table, chairs, parasol, etc., it’s a good idea to clean them and assess whether they’ve developed any faults since they were last used. You can scrub plastic or metal garden furniture with water and washing-up liquid. For wooden items, try a sugar soap solution.

Benches and planters are an excellent combination, especially on paved areas or in quiet corners. Imagine sitting in the sunshine, surrounded by floral colour!

6. Create the perfect setting with a new patio

With summer on the horizon, now is the ideal time to enhance your garden with a new patio – the perfect setting for basking in the sunshine.

Many styles of paving are available, from traditional to contemporary, and the slabs can be produced in many shapes and sizes. Moreover, patio features kits add visual interest to any garden.

Why not add a new pathway or stepping stones too, which will encourage you and your guests to explore your garden?

Transform your garden with Minster Paving

The expert team here at Minster Paving can help you to create the garden of your dreams throughout Oxfordshire, the Cotswolds, Thames Valley and surrounding area.

With our comprehensive range of first-class, cost-effective paving and related products, you can transform your garden into a sanctuary that you’ll love spending time in not only this summer but all year round.

To prepare your garden for summer with beautiful paving, please call us today on 01865 300252 or contact us online.

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