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How to Choose the Right Paving for your Garden

Garden paving comes in many different styles and shapes, with each type suited for a different use. Selecting the right type of paving slab not only enhances your design but can transform the entire feeling of your garden.

In this article, we will explore the various types of garden patio slabs available for you to choose from, and share advice to help you make the right choice for your garden.

Types of Paving Slabs for Gardens

Natural Sandstone Paving

Mint Sandstone Outside E1616478874260

Natural sandstone paving is cut and imported from the enticing natural stone of India which is renowned for its appearance and natural veining. Natural stone paving tends to look better, as each stone has individuality, texture and colour, which can give a fabulous finish overall.

It is high quality and hard-wearing, although unfortunately, more expensive. The benefit of imported natural stone, such as Indian sandstone, is that it is much less costly than indigenous stone due to cheaper production methods.

Porcelain Paving

Image1 E1616480462860

For those looking for a contemporary modern feel, Porcelain Paving is the ideal choice, imported from the exquisite Modena in Italy. It is extremely robust, less slippery than concrete and stone with a variety of finishes from smooth to textured, all of which have a good resistance to staining and are available in a mid-price range.

Block Paving

Minster Cobble Buff 1 1024x458

If you are looking for a creative alternative to paving, we also supply a type of block paving called Minster Cobble, which can be used as paving in your garden and is also known to be a popular choice for driveways.

If you’d ideally like to avoid laying individual stones, Minster cobble paving is also available in paving mat form which offers the ideal solution, as these paving mats can be cut and formed to fit awkward and intricate areas effortlessly.

Minster cobble paving mats allow for easy handling and fast laying while offering an authentic old cobblestone look.

Hydraulically Pressed Paving

Image2 E1616480018768

Minster Paving also provides heavy-duty hydraulically pressed slabs, also known as council slabs, which are ideal if you need a hard-wearing slab. Widely used in commercial projects, these pavers have a thickness of 50mm, enabling them to cope with a significant amount of weight.

Hydraulically pressed paving slabs are perfectly flat and come in a thickness of 50mm, making them ideal for utility areas such as a shed base. These paving slabs can also be driven on, which means they make an excellent choice for driveways too.

Choosing Paving to Match the Style of Your Garden

Garden Paving for Traditional Designs

For a traditional garden, our most popular slab, Minster Flagstone, creates a look typical of the village Old Minster just half a mile down the road from Standlake, Oxford, and has been formed using genuine reclaimed flagstones which creates a charming antique appearance available in shades of Old Cotswold, Old Minster, Slate Grey, or Cream.

With delightful detail in the subtle texturing, the choice of colours available as well as the larger sizes on offer in this range allow a truly authentic and unique look to be achieved within your traditional garden design.

Another choice of paving slab offering a traditional, authentic feel is our Worn Limestone paving, which models its appearance on Limestone paving from the Normandy region in France.

Worn Limestone is available in shades of Buff, Slate Grey and Cream to allow you to choose the ideal colour to suit your garden’s design. Another long-established popular choice is our Yorkstone Riven paving range which is available in shades of Buff, Grey Green, Buff Brown, Oddicombe Brown, Slate Grey and Weathered York, all available in a large variety of sizes.

Garden Paving for Contemporary Designs

For those ideally looking to create a more contemporary look, our Travertine and Standlake Smooth ranges offer an appealing modern feel. We also import Natural Granite paving, which offers an avant-garde, modern look for contemporary garden designs.

Or, if you’re looking to establish a more alternative, rustic feel in your outdoor space, we provide Mosaic Arabico Paving which is a light brown and cream abstract print paving slab that incorporates a light textured finish with sawn straight edges.

Textured paving, Minster Coble, Cotswold Riven Paving, Decktile Paving and a wide range of Natural Stone and Porcelain ranges are also available to choose from and incorporate within your contemporary garden design.

Final Tips before Buying Garden Paving Slabs

A choice of paving slab can create an entirely different personality for your outdoor territory, which is why we offer such a variety of styles, colours, and sizes, to allow you to find the ideal choice for you and your garden, or house. We have several paving stones available to use for your next garden paving project, with each offering a unique look and features.

Garden paving can be placed in various ways to suit your ideal landscaping ideas. Our various paving slabs can be placed either joining closely to one another or with gaps in between to incorporate decorative aggregates and form a unique look within your garden. Whether your choice of paving is square, rectangular or plank shaped, the possibilities are endless with our range of garden paving.

Unlike other paving specialists, our paving slabs can be bought individually or in packs allowing you to have as many or as little as you need.

Because the majority of products are manufacturers manufactured ourselves, we also have the flexibility to produce special orders and bespoke colours. So, if you haven’t come across exactly what you are looking for, please just ask and we’ll be glad to help.

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