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Garden Paving Slabs Ideas: Choosing Paving Slabs for Your Garden

Paving slab ideas for garden

Garden paving slabs are becoming increasingly popular in gardens all over the world. They are ideal if you’re looking for something that is practical and will also enhance the look of your garden too.

If you combine natural materials with hardwearing ones, then you can enjoy both style and practicality at the same time. As well as this, they can be relatively inexpensive depending on what type of materials you use when choosing your paving slabs for garden!

If you want to create an amazing design for your garden, then you are reading the right guide. Our experts will share with you not only TOP patio slab ideas, but also will give useful advice on how to choose paving slabs.

Where should I start with my paving project?

The first thing you should do when planning a paving project like this is to create an initial sketch of your garden layout so that it matches up correctly with your house or fence line! You don’t want to get halfway through creating these pavements only to notice that it doesn’t match your layout at all!

Also, keep in mind the flow of foot traffic so you can enable the best routes around your garden, alternatively, don’t trap someone against a wall by having them walk into a dead end! You should also bear in mind that people may also be walking around barefooted too so be sure to be selective about the materials chosen.

There are many different types of paving slabs out there but if you want to create something that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing then flagstones are ideal for this purpose.

Different flags at different levels will give your garden more depth which enhance the look of your space, however before you start laying the paving slabs in your garden, you should take this into consideration depending on how much depth you want.

Also, when using flags in a walkway make sure it has enough room for two people to walk past each other without stepping on each other’s stones.

The current climate has meant some materials are hard to get hold of, so if you have a future project to do then consider asking if this is something that will be readily available in the future.

Which Paving Slabs Should I Use?

Broadly speaking the paving we sell can be split into 3 ranges:

Reconstituted stone, this has many ranges, looks, surface textures and colours and is very well suited to the British climate.

Natural stone slabs, usually sandstone and limestone or slate, these vary in colour even within the same ranges and whilst this is the attraction for some others dislike the variation. Maintenance wise sandstone can require some work as it is very porous.

Porcelain paving slabs, 2CM made for outside and R11 rated to help with non-slip.  Porcelain tends to lend itself to a sleek and modern looking approach with clean lines.

Many of them are similar in appearance but some are more suited to certain purposes compared to others so shop around and choose the ones that best suit what you’re looking for.

Do they all last the same length of time?

As a general rule most will last roughly the same length of time.  Some other factors can shorten their expected life span or lengthen it depending on things such as how they are treated with chemicals or de-icing salts. The way the paving is laid should also be considered too because if laid on an uneven base they could crack easily if laid incorrectly.

Some types of stone such as granite can be more expensive than sandstone which is why it is best to look at the price differences as well as colour and maintenance options.

If you want to have a better understanding of why patios crack, then we recommend reading our article. You will learn the reasons for this problem and how to fix it.

Anyway, let’s get back to our main topic and discover the patio ideas.

10 different colour patio ideas for your dream garden!

1.    White Paving Slabs

If you’re after a stylish and contemporary looking patio, white paving slabs may be what you are looking for. This is because white paving blocks give off an aura that they have just been laid, which creates a sense of cleanliness and order – perfect if your garden is right next to your living room window, or sits on display in front of your house.

2.    Grey Paving Slabs

Another great option would be grey patio paving slabs. These will add a touch of contrast to any surrounding greenery, a slate grey can still retain the modernistic look if white is too plain for you, whilst a mid-grey works well in a Victorian style garden with terracotta tones.

Grey Paving Slabs

3.    Terracotta Red Brick Paving Slabs

Olde world look red or terracotta brick paving slabs can create a rustic and country feel to any surrounding greenery. Perfect if your house is set in the countryside or just has that “homely” feeling about it!

Terracotta Red Brick Paving Slabs

4.    Rustic Brown Block Paving

If you want the natural feel without the price tag, why not try buying some rustic brown block paving. These are quickly becoming popular among homeowners who wish to make their garden more distinctive and individual.

Rustic Brown Block Paving

5.    Grey/Green Colour Paving Slabs

Another alternative would be to buy grey/green toned colour paving slabs, which will match with any lush looking plants in your garden – like trees and shrubs. These will blend in excellently with most gardens without standing out too much!

Grey & green garden paving slabs

6.    Red / Terracotta Paving Slabs

Alternatively, if you want full attention drawn to your garden’s newly laid patio, then why not try red / terracotta paving blocks. These are sure to provide a talking point for any guest that visits your home!

7.    Yellow / Buff Paving Slabs

Buff paving slabs are another option for you to take up. They will certainly provide an eye-catching appearance in any garden setting, which is great if you want everyone who enters the garden to marvel at its design!

8.    Brown Coloured Slabs

Yet another colour choice would be brown paving slabs, which have become increasingly popular over recent years. This is because they can fit into almost any surrounding greenery, creating a more natural feel to your garden.

In conclusion, choosing paving slabs can be a bit difficult because there are so many different types out there which is why you’re advised to do your research beforehand and look around for available products that may be right for what you have in mind. It’s not uncommon for people to create their own garden paving slabs from leftover pieces of flagstones or bricks because they have a very organic feel about them. If you want something more practical, then going with a material such as smooth flagstones would be the best choice but if you want something that will add elegance to your garden then using old brickwork is also an excellent idea!

For more design inspiration and advice, check our range of garden paving slabs and our guides for beautiful gardens.

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