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5 Things To Consider When Designing Your Garden

5 tips for garden designing

When it comes to designing your garden, there are all sorts of things that you need to take into account. It is not just a case of clearing out the old and putting in the new. A good garden designer will work with what already exists within the confines of your land space to ensure that they are able to create something which can be utilized by yourself, family, and friends for years to come.

But what if you want to take control of the garden design? You might be thinking “I don’t know anything about garden design!” It’s okay, there are plenty of us out there who don’t either – but by considering the following five things you will have a much easier time creating your garden space!

5 Things To Consider

1) Determine the Style of Garden You Want to Create

A little research into your garden design ideas beforehand can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Try looking at magazines or searching on Pinterest for ideas that take your fancy. It’s always best to start with something familiar – whether that is a colour palette, plant selection, materials used, etc – so that you have something recognizable to guide you through the process. The more familiar elements there are, the easier it will be for someone who doesn’t understand garden design to visualize what the finished garden will look like.

You can also draw out what you want your garden to look like in the future. Whether this means placing sticks in the ground and attaching string between them so you can visualise where things will go, such as bushes and sandpits; or whether this means drawing up some ideas on paper, it’s best to do this at the start. This will give you a clear idea of what you want your garden to look like when it’s finished and/or if any changes need to be made when designing the layout of your garden.

2) Think Outside the Box

Gardens are a great place for creativity. That said, when drawing up garden designs, you must stay within the confinements of planning regulations. For example, multi-level gardens are not allowed without seeking planning permission – but that does not mean they can’t be a garden design trend. Exploring different garden design trends means you can create garden spaces that are different from anything anyone has ever seen before!

We’ve all seen those gardens on TV where there’s more greenery than anything else, but this doesn’t mean that isn’t achievable in every household. You can have crazy-looking garden designs that are cool, funky, and functional. Have a look around your neighbourhood to see what other people are doing with their gardens so you get some ideas on how you can implement some of these creative touches in your home.

3) Imagine You Garden in Winter

As we all know, plants and trees look very different in the winter than they do in the summer (or fall for that matter). Foliage can turn brown and die off or it can stay green and bare depending on the type of plant. If you’re worried about choosing plants that may not look great year round, envisioning your garden in various seasons will help you make better choices. You should also take into consideration how much sun each area of your garden receives throughout the day. This can lead to some plants not thriving, so be sure to have a plan if this is an issue.

4) Be Creative with Lighting

Most gardens don’t come with their own lighting system, so installing one is an ideal way to boost your garden design. As well as this, you can also be creative with the type of lights that you use –  as long as they are low voltage or solar powered you can pretty much install them anywhere! You could even use fairy lights in trees and shrubs for added effect at night time.

Solar-powered garden lighting is available from both LED Lenser and Horticultural Lighting Technology (Lumii). With bright white LED’s these lamps last up to 20 times longer than traditional spots, giving off the same amount of light per watt but without any glare. This means that plants remain healthy and the units are kinder to both your plants and eyes.

5) Garden Paving Slabs Can Make a Difference

Paving is one of the most popular choices for homeowners looking to completely change the look and feel of their garden. Outdoor porcelain paving slabs and natural stone slabs are becoming more and more popular with homeowners who want to create an outdoor space in which they can spend time with friends, barbeque, entertain guests, etc. Garden paving slabs are not the cheapest option but when it comes to creating a polished garden that will impress visitors, paving slabs are definitely up there!

Garden paving slabs are highly durable meaning they will last for years without showing signs of wear. They come in all shapes and sizes with each variation being just as beautiful as the next! You can create a beautiful space that will keep your friends and family coming back time after time without costing a small fortune.

One last (and very important) question you need to ask yourself is “How much money am I willing to spend?” When considering garden design ideas and concepts for your garden it is important to decide on how much money you are willing to spend.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a luxury outdoor living space, but equally, there are certain budget constraints that may restrict what would otherwise leave you with more options available. By setting yourself some sort of limit or price point can help guide your decision-making process to ensure that you are left with a garden design that feels worthy of your efforts and one which still manages to meet all of your needs.

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